New Year

     Finally 2013 passed and 2014 came to us!  I really think that time passes so quickly. I cannot believe that it will be one year ago that we went to Fort Wright.  When I was in Fort Wright, I was worried about friends. My classmates were almost ACE class and I thought I could not make any friends. However, now, I am also ACE and classmates are so inspiring, kind and smart.  Now class environment is awesome,so I am excited about third year will be more fantastic!  I also hope that I can enjoy my hobbies.  I want to keep on doing music activity and I want to improve my guitar skill.  There is one thing that I am worried. It is about myself. I don’ t decided what I want to be yet. I think it is time to have clear vision and go for it.  I hope this year, I take time to think about myself deeply and analyze myself, then  I want to keep on going for clear vision.  Of course I want to enjoy twenty years old as much as possible. I want to meet a lot of different people and absorb many views and different ideas.  I go to many place and see what I have ever seen before!


My Holiday.3

     On 28 December, I met my band members of high school and went to music studio to play music which we had played in SFC.  As I already mentioned, SFC is the club that I belonged to in high school.  When I was in SFC, we went to studio to practice many times. If you hear light music club(keion in Japanese), you may think it is no longer strict club. However, my club was really strict.  we had club activity 7 in a week and if it was lucky month, we had some off days.  Everyone practiced a lot and our skill was high. Everyone loved the club and nobody felt in a bad way even though it was hards schedule. We had many lives in a year, so we had to practice a lot. However the number of people was big and sometimes we didn’t have enough time to use studio room in our school. That’s why we went to music studio too.  And now, I and my band member still love music and want to play some songs.  It is really comfortable to play with my band member because we had spend long time as a band. Sometimes We made oridial songs.  It was so fun.  On this day, we stayed 2 hours and enjoy playing.  After that,we went to dinner together and talked about our mamories of high school a lot.  One of member is boy, and he still can’t get girl friend.Then we, girls, said sorry to him,  and everybody laughed a lot.  I want to go to studio next year too.

My holiday .2

     On 30 December, we had a year-end party at Umeda.  When I was a high school student, I belonged to light music club.  Ech people made a band in the club. I played the electric guitar in my band. We called our club SFC. It stnads Senri high school Folksong Culb.  I had a great time with my club member and still now we have good relationship.  This party was SFC’s.  Almost every members came. There were some who came back from abroad or far prifectures,  I was very happy to see them. We went Izakaya(kind of bar) and enjoy talking.  After that, some of us went to second party(Nijikai) at Karaoke!  Our club was folksong club so everyone was good at singing.  Some of them can speak English and Korean, so some sang very fast rap in English, and some sang Kannam Style in Korean,everyone danced. It was crazy night but wnderful!  When we were in high school, we were teenager but now we are twenty.  I think it is really happy to have great friends who had same experience and made efforts to same goal together.  I want to keep this wonderful relationship with them.

My Holiday ~ Christmas~

      I had a a lot of fun in this christmas!! I think nobody has never spend christmas like me, and the surprising thing is we made plan which includes reservation on 23 December!  My best friend who was same high school with me suggested to see reindeer on christmas.  She thought it was the very christmas plan but I was not so much interested in animals.  Anyway I said OK. She told me that there are only two reindeers in Japan, one is in Hokkaido the other is in Tokushima. Do you know that? Hokkaido is too far, so we decided to go to Tokushima. She called the guest house and made a reservation and also bus tickets to Tokushima quickly.  We had a class on 24,so we left Osaka at 8 pm. On the bus we never stop chatting and view from the window was great. About 10:30, we arrived at Tokushima station, then the owner of guest house picked us up to the guest house.He was my parents age and very kind.  The room was so comfortable, we had kotatsu!  We ate christmas cake which we bought in Osaka and talked again until 3 am.  Next day, we went to Doitsumura(Gernam village) and it was awesome. It has great history and now the building was meusium. After that, we went Tokushima Zoo and looked for the raindeer. When we saw the reindeer finally, we were so happy and felt accomplished the kind of mission but I don’t know why.  We ate Rokushima ramen and udon ,then back to Osaka. It was really strange christmas but awesome experience with my best friend!!

As Shoko mentioned on her blog earlier, I also aglee that there are many ways to show “love” for sometiong.  Especially, love for own country is the very thing.  Frankly speaking, it is natural that people have different emotion for their country and ways to express it because we are all different even same nationality. I don’t say “Japan is wonderful! I love Japan! I proud of Japan!” out loud constantly, however, in my heart, I love Japan actually.  For example, even between the couples, the way to express love is totally different. Some often may say “I love you so much”or express their love by some actions, while others may not say or do like that so often. However it doesn’t mean the person does’t love the boyfriend/girlfriend.   Therefore, I assert that there is nothing the same idea for “love”.   Hana said,  one of reason terorism happens is related to religion.  The terorists may have extreme love for their country and they may think it is worth doing.  I also think religion, background and environment effect people and the way to express their “love” for the country.

No “One” Way

Studying and thinking this kind of theme in this class broadened my outlook remarkably.  I think I was a stereotype person, so when I watched news or something, I always didn’t think again deeply.  I became to rethink about “identity” and “border”.  When I talk about what is Japan, I used to say Japanese like Sushi or Jpanese are ploite and modest or something like that.  However, now I think it is stupid idea to decide something without considering any other possibilities and facts. There are so many ways to express or being “Japanese” and each way is acceptable, actually nothing is wrong. Therefore I thhought it is not easy to think about “identity” or “culture”. These kind of things don’t have shapes and we cannot see them as objects.  At the same time I think it is interesting to listen other’s opinion and idea.  Even though inside of only one country, it is so colorful! 

Transcultural Theme Park

     When I hear “transcultural place” , I imagine the famous theme park, Universal Studio Japan. I love theme park,espeially roller coaster, so I got the pass for 1 year.  There are always lots of people, and they are from different countries, such as, America, Korea or Spain.  Last time I went to USJ, I met England couple who asked me the way.  I think the situation I experienced is not rare because USJ is the biggest theme park in Kansai area so tourists come a lot. The atmosphere and buildings don’t look like in Japan.  I feel like it is in some other area,such as, the west.  USJ has lots of shows and the singers are foreigners, not Japanese.  However, in fact, USJ locates in Japan and the almost all stuffs are Japanese.  I think USJ is obviously transcultural place in Japan.  There are not only foreign elements but also Japanese elements. As we know the name of “Universal Studio Japan”, it is Universal place in Japan.